Pop singer Alamgir refutes his death rumours

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Pop singer Alamgir refutes his death rumours

Legendary pop singer Alamgir has refuted his death rumours doing rounds on the internet since Friday and urged fans not to believe in such rumours.

Alamgir, who is one of the pioneers of pop music in Pakistan, turned to Facebook and refuted the rumours of his death.

He said, “I am receiving so many calls because there is some news of me. Don’t believe the news.”

The 64-year-old singer said, “I am fine and living in Karachi.”

Earlier, veteran actress Bushra Ansari turned to Instagram and shared her conversation with Alamgir in a video to dismiss his death rumours.

Bushra captioned the post, “We love u [Alamgir]…shukar hay he is OK…”


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